Glass engraving revisited

Have I said how much I love this group and all the info they share? Not sure whether this should be posted here or in the “Beyond the Manual” section, so go ahead and move it if necessary.

I’ve had some roll-on essential oil bottles that I have been putting off engraving just because I’ve been busy with other stuff. Well today was the day I finally decided to sit down and get it done. So just to make sure I was doing it right, I went through almost every post in the search for engraving on glass. The only thing I didn’t find, but found it was not really necessary, was what “material” setting to use, so I just left it “unknown.” Did one (Breathe), upped the number of passes for the “Allergies,” and decided I liked it better. Yay! I have a couple more bottles to do, but I am going to wait until they’re empty and need to be refilled before I do them. And dang, wouldn’t you know, I just threw away about 20 empty bottles because I’ve had them sitting around for literally years without doing anything with them except taking up space I need for my GF supplies. Figures. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Anyway, here’s a pic of today’s small project. You can see the previous bottles with the old taped labels that keep slipping and sliding and getting me irritated, especially since these two get used every single day, and the allergies more than once a day! Don’t mind the messy paint. I did use tape on the bottles because I wanted a nice contrast for the letters, so I wanted to paint them. Inpatient as I am, I didn’t let the paint dry long enough before pulling the tape. Oh well. At least they won’t slide!!


LOVE IT! I have some in my to laser drawer to try. Now I have more inspiration. Thanks!


Those are great! The picture is tiny though, I’d love to see them more clearly - any chance of loading a bigger one?

BTW, MOAG is great for this, if you wanted to post the exact settings you used (and they’re not a :glowforge: provided default), then BtM would be the place :slight_smile:


This better?


Oh yeah - those look fabulous. Plus you can read them from across the room :slight_smile:


Those bottles engrave quite nicely.


Came out great! You got great contrast with the amber bottles and the white paint.


Yeah!! Great success!!


Thanks everyone! @deirdrebeth - helps at night too!

Hubby is impatient for me to do the rest of our bottles, but I told him I wanted them empty first (I don’t have the same sizes, having thrown them all out a couple months ago). I don’t think the GF would affect them if the DID have liquid in them, but I don’t want to take any chance on the bottle cracking and then having an oily mess to clean up, much less liquid in the GF. So he’ll just have to wait another month or two, or three. :rofl:


There are lots of nice bottles on Amazon that are cheap, I love the cobalt ones. But my guess is that you probably already know this and just don’t want to spend money unnecessarily. :slight_smile:

Actually I never even thought about looking on Amazon. I’ve just always reused the bottles from the essential oils we buy and refill them (because I buy the oils in larger quantity bottles). But I may have to switch to cobalt blue, just because they’re so pretty!


Oh cool!
They also have some neat ones with crystals inside, etc. Lots of interesting ideas! I found some cool antique-looking ones not long ago. I haven’t used them yet but grabbed some when they were super cheap.

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