Glass Etching 2nd pass ERRORS


I set up a basic Logo “Etch” and Glass outline cut “Score”.

The first pass worked ok (had some weak areas) but the second pass was offset a small bit at first and then got progressively worse over each pass. Shifting to the left more and more then correcting but still with the offset.

It looks looks a sub routine went side ways.

Just trying to help with bugs as we find them.

No judgement. So Far I am in love with this machine.

Not sure why we wants robots much more smarter than the Glowforge.

Let Humans create the future!

Cory Simpson

Creative Director


Posting here no longer opens a support ticket, they don’t receive info from these forums.


Perfect. So I need to find the ticket window to talk to my masters at Glowforge? The community is so much faster than the customer service from what I have seen in the short time I have been here.

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If that was your intent - to report to the mothership. That’s what I assumed.


Yes I was thing that way. Thank you for the tip. What is the “Proper” way to report bugs?

Now email or phone is the only way to contact them.

If it was “drifting” mid-cut/engrave I’d suggest a belt issue, but if it’s between complete passes, that probably isn’t the issue.

I’ve tested but never used multiple passes.

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I also noticed some small non-etched holes in the glass bitmap engrave test. Is that due to, not cleaning the glass to a perfect condition before engraving. I was just testing settings out. So I only cleaned it once with Glass foam spray. Any better cleaning methods if this is the problem?


On glass, I just use alcohol on a microfiber towel to clean it. I don’t apply anything to it prior to the engrave (although dish soap has come up a lot.)

I’ve only done spice jars, shot glasses, and cheap small plates from the dollar store. For ornamental stuff like lanterns, I toss the provided glass and use clear or frosted acrylic.

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Support did contact me. That is good news. I’ll stop complaining now. Starting to see the beauty in the GF Cloud and their ability to keep upgrading the machine instructions for everyone all at once.

Other systems require manual diver updates and installing new software updates.

Thanks for the help.


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