Glass lid/cover has come loose

The front panel attached to the glass lid is detached (but I was still able to use the machine by ensuring it remained in the proper position) BUT NOW, the left rear hinge has become separated from the glass. Any ideas on a respirator strategy? Thanks

I think I understand what you’re explaining, however if you could post some pictures that really help anyone here see what you’re dealing with a lot more.

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If you use the search function you will find a few posts about this. If you are under warranty that should be how you proceed. If not, you will need to either pay to have it repaired or you will have to fix it yourself using one of the techniques you will find when you search this forum.


This - posting here has let the staff know you’ve got a problem, so if you’re under warranty start digging out your shipping box now because it’ll have to take a trip back to the mothership.

If you’re not under warranty @raymondking32 has documented a fix. It’s definitely not easy, but it is doable.


Hello, @bmcgrain I am so sorry to hear about the problem you are having. I’ll do my best to take care of this for you.

I’d like to review some photos that will help me determine next steps.

Could you please send me the following photos?

  1. Open the lid to the point where it will stay open and take a photo from the side like this:

  2. Gently close the lid as far as it will go without forcing it and take a photo along the back edge:

  3. ​Take a photo which shows the whole printer and the surface it’s resting on:

Once you reply back with those photos I will be more than happy to help with next steps! Thank you!

Best Regards,

Thank you. Will take those in the morning. Brian

Here are three photos that show the problem. Also the front lid handle assembly has also come unglued. Had to hold the lid open.

Thank you, Brian

Hello, @bmcgrain Thank you for taking the time to send those photos in. For the next steps, I will have to move this over to email. I’ve already sent the email so I look forward to hearing your reply. I will keep this thread open until I confirm that the email has been responded to. Thank you!