Glass Lid detached from Hinges

Back in 2019 the handle fell off the bottom of the glass lid.
( Handle fell off! )

Because it was out of warranty, I would have had to pay for shipping just to find out how much it would cost to repair (if they could do it), so I epoxied it back on myself. (It worked, yey!)

Well, today I tried to lift the lid (handle still works great!) and found that it had detached on the BACK (from the hinge side of the glowforge). Photo here:

I guess it’s time to go back to the store for more epoxy…luckily for me the Beta “Camera Calibration” feature now exists… and no wires got pulled out this time. I’ve gotta say, I am NOT impressed with the adhesive that Glowforge used on these early units. Hopefully they have improved that for later models…


I recently had a partial separation as well on a very early unit. This glue seems to be holding up well:

and I applied it in the separated area, spread evenly with a small brush and clamped/taped for a day. The lid seems quite solid again though I do just open it a little and flop down the pass through door if I am just sliding small material in. Less stress the better, I guess. Cut and alignment seemed fine after the repair, though I ran through the calibration a few days ago just for giggles.


Hurm…I think I have some E6000 in the garage now… But the JB Weld brand 2part epoxy worked well for the handle…decisions decisions…

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Sad you have to glue a 4K laser.
Clearly not built as tough as they look.

What was your fix for this?

I tried using E6000 (easier to apply) but it didn’t quite hold well enough. (It did hold well enough for me to use 2 part clear Epoxy to strenghten things up with the lid in an upright position…but I didn’t trust it to hold the lid through more than one or two open-close cycles.) I updated my blog post with the full details.

[I haven’t yet tested or re-calibrated the calibration of the lid camera, but the lid is almost exactly in the same position as before…]

My recommendation for others is to buy a “mix in the nozzle” 2 part clear epoxy applicator and use that from the start.

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