Glass tile etched the back instead

found glass tile etched the back instead of the front


Nice effect.

That top photo is awesome!

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Nice results! Reverse intaglio with laser!

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Love the top tile!


Oh, wow! Amazing result!

My son and I were just looking at a box of glass that appears to be left over from a glass slat chandelier. No idea where the box came from. And he asked “Can we engrave this stuff?” I said “We’ll give it a shot!”

Now you’ve inspired me! I think we may need to do a test today!

Wonderful design.

@vegandarwin, does the glass tile you used have a backing of some kind? Your first picture shows a nice contrast between the engraving and the background.

it does it feels like some sort of paint. here is a pic


The ones at Menards do and they come out nice and sharp. Just remember to reverse your image. I would expect they are sold at the other home improvement big box stores as well.

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