Glass tile etched the back instead

found glass tile etched the back instead of the front


Nice effect.

That top photo is awesome!

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Nice results! Reverse intaglio with laser!

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Love the top tile!


Oh, wow! Amazing result!

My son and I were just looking at a box of glass that appears to be left over from a glass slat chandelier. No idea where the box came from. And he asked “Can we engrave this stuff?” I said “We’ll give it a shot!”

Now you’ve inspired me! I think we may need to do a test today!


Wonderful design.

@vegandarwin, does the glass tile you used have a backing of some kind? Your first picture shows a nice contrast between the engraving and the background.

it does it feels like some sort of paint. here is a pic


The ones at Menards do and they come out nice and sharp. Just remember to reverse your image. I would expect they are sold at the other home improvement big box stores as well.

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Just got a few glass tiles on clearance! What settings did you use? Thanks!

I got mine at Lowe’s, and cleaned out their stock of the particular ones I got. In fact, they were on the loading dock to ship back to the manufacturer, and they re-entered them into inventory so I could purchase them.
My experience so far has been that you should take a heat gun or blow dryer on hot, and take the labels off the back prior to engraving. It will make a difference in what shows on the front.

Also, regarding this comment:

I did some research a while ago on laser etching glass (I’ve done some dollar store picture frames and put black cardstock inside to give contrast), and read that lower quality glass laser etches easier than higher quality glass and/or crystal. A lot of crystal, especially, has a high metal content, usually lead, but sometimes more precious heavy metals including gold. The GF does not have what it takes to etch these higher quality glass items. I also experimented with a baking dish, and the settings I used on the cheap frame glass didn’t even touch it. I slowed it down, and it got so hot that it cracked, but never really etched. So experiment away, but if the glass from your chandelier is too high a quality, it may not do what you want it to. If it does, please post some pictures of it–I’m sure it is beautiful!

For the record, glass etches by superheating the microscopic air and water pockets in the glass, causing them to expand until they burst through the surface of the glass. Obviously, lower quality glass will have more of these impurities than the other. If you use a strong lens, you can see that the edges of the engraving will be ragged, though it is so minute as to be unnoticeable. I will have to see if I can find the website where I read about this.
UPDATE: This isn’t the site I read before, but it gives a pretty good summary of how laser etching works on glass.


This thread has some settings: Clear Glass Tile Nameplate

We can only discuss non Proofgrade settings in Beyond the Manual


Thanks! I wasn’t aware.
(Can you tell I’m a newbie? Lol)

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those look great, but i have to tell you all even though i am new to the glowforge! i am not new to tile and glass, all the glass tile is different, the backing is a ‘kind’ of paint, so i plan on every company being different. If your doing one off then consistency may not be an issue! If your planning on actually installing the tile and using it…as a tile then just plan on some experimentation and problems! glass is ALWAYS a challenge for tilers it cracks and chips, but i think what i see people doing on here is great and i cant wait to make stuff!