how can I use gf for glass?

Put glass into the glowforge and adjust your setting until it creates something you are happy with.


If you will check out the Beyond the Manual section, a lot of people have shared the settings that worked for them, along with tricks on how to keep the glass from cracking.

etc. etc. etc. Just do a search for “glass+settings”


This sounds overly simple but it is dead on. People are being too afraid to experiment. Know what not to put in it but after that experimenting is the only way to get good.


I fuse glass and thought I’d try to etch on a black piece I had fused. Here are the results. I was pleased. Just kept playing around until it looked the way I wanted on the screen, crossed my fingers and jumped! I’ll put a hanger on it and wear it as a pendant.


image image

These are all done with photos I manipulated in an art program. First make the image black and white. It’s best to keep manipulating until there is a true white and black and few inbetween greys. I usually posterize the image to about 5 layers. The reason is that when there are slight variations in the greys it doesn’t translate well to the glass. It’s difficult to see the details. I run the glowforge at 1000 speed, full power, and 125 per inch. I have had the best luck with the greyscale setting to minimum and not the vary power. The hummingbird was done on a mirror and came out really well. Oh, and most important, if you want the glass to come out etched with black where the image is black you have to invert the image. This is because the glass looks white where it’s etched and black where it’s left blank.

The sizes are about 7 X 8. The glass is about 1/8 inch thick. I haven’t cracked anything yet except where I decided to see if I could cut a hole in the glass. I turned the power up and speed down. Did exactly what I expected…cracked.


You have some pretty awesome looking stuff in this group. Really nice considering glass isn’t really well suited for CO2 lasers - as you noted it’s a b&w process. Yours look great.


My favorite is your tiger. You are getting some awesome results. :grin:


I’d say you have certainly mastered the technique!


Some beautiful pieces! Kudos!

I am especially fond of the tiger also. Nicely done.