Gloomhaven token

We’ve been coming up with things to use scraps for, and a friend designed a Gloomhaven themed token/coin.

The runic script around the coin is from the game and reads “Gloomhaven”, the symbol in the middle is of one of the starting classes in the game, the Brute. We’re planning to do a whole set.

The first one was just a circular cut, and I thought “hmm, this is missing something…”

A hundred-pointed star later in inkscape and we have this fantastic reeded edge (learned a new term today!) which the glowforge handles like a boss.

It’s made from cheap home depot MDF.

Set to draft engrave.

Cut + flipped as per the Double-sided engraving instructions

Engraving took about 2.5 minutes per side.

Spray painted black
Dry-brushed with some citadel paint I had kickin’ about.

Pretty happy with it!


I have 3d printed most of my Gloomhaven upgrades, but the coins are something i don’t like printed, they don’t ‘feel’ right. This is a great idea

I also saw someone has put a GF Gloomhaven storage solution on Thingiverse - whoever that was, thank you

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Beautifully done!

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Looks great! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I love the innovative way you did the milling on the edges. This piece doesn’t look like wood at all. Well done!


i LOVE this!
question about that reeded edge, so is it just the outer cut path comes inward by a fraction that causes it (for the hundred pointed star)? I guess this will need to be adjusted depending on how big your coin is?

In Inkscape make a star by selecting the Create Stars and Polygons tool. With that tool selected change the number of corners to 100 (or any big number.) Then play with the Spoke Ratio setting. The closer spoke ratio is to 1 the more reeded edge like it is. There is also a Rounded Corner setting so the points are less pointy. Make it any size you like. At this point you have a nice coin template.


^ this is the right answer.

I made the star path 1mm larger than the design.


The reeded sides are really a nice touch!

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I really like the look of it but it is a bit light-feeling.

Does anyone know what is the heaviest/densest material I can comfortably work with on the glowforge? A quick forum search didn’t seem to turn up anything.

These look awesome … Will have to remember the reeded edge when I make some “gold” coins for our grandson’s treasure chest.


I haven’t seen anything denser than solid wood, although with enough glue in it mdf may be heavier by volume??? If you made it in two pieces you could use the engrave feature to hollow out a pit for a round, metal blank. That would add some heft.

Or if you think outside the glowforge, use your coin to make a mold and then cast it in lead. If you think about it, who doesn’t need a home foundry?

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This is lovely! Can I recommend the hashtag #boardgames so it will be seen by the people who need to see it? :smiley:


Great stuff! I have so many Kickstarter boardgames, I don’t know where to start. I just finished cutting some components for the PnP of Tiny Epic Zombies. Hope to finally post some projects this weekend. Thanks again for the post…especially the way you grilled the edge!

Very nice, we did a similar project for our set for all the players when they take a 99. It was awkward sometimes to remember who was done versus waiting for end of round because they didn’t have cards in front of them so they made a greaat visual cue :slight_smile:

That edge is the bomb, well done!

I don’t know how much heavier it’s be, but it might be interesting to give it a shot in thicker acrylic. It would certainly have a different feel to it.

Still wood, or?

You probably want a chart like this:

I believe that’s per cubic foot.

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Thanks, it would be cool to get some 1/8" sheets of ironwood. No idea where though?

Looks like MDF is about 52 lbs / cubic foot. I think Bubinga is the heaviest wood Inventables has

and it’s only 56lbs so it probably wouldn’t make any difference.

I will give it a try when I get around to using my acrylic. Still playing with MDF and paper for now. Acrylic should be about 69 lbs / cubic foot so it would be a little heavier.

I was considering lasering some forms and then trying some cold-casting with resin & metal powder. We have some bronze powder at work that’s been sitting around for years, I could probably get some to play with…

The metal core seems like a pretty easy thing to do. Will keep it in mind .


I just made that game insert storage solution from thingiverse this week-end. Super grateful for the design work. I found a couple of slight errors in the Corel cut files, but overall it was a fantastic find.