Glow forge aura screw

Hello everyone,

I’ve had my Glowforge for about two weeks. As I was cleaning the wood residue off the sensor box a what I believe to be a screw popped off. Is this normal? Is it something I can just screw back on? Pic for reference

Welcome to the forum. If you have the screw, I see no reason why you can’t just put it back in. Not really normal or abnormal. Screws do come loose on all kinds of things, so it doesn’t seem out of the question that it could happen on something that moves as much as a laser. If you don’t have the screw, I would try using one of those really tiny ones like are used for eyeglasses.


I agree. Screw it back in. Also, read up on cleaning the machine. Many problems can be created if you overdo things. Expensive problems.


That screw looks really short like it has sheared. Yep, I just pulled one of those from my Aura and it’s much longer. I would contact support to let them know so that it is documented while it is still under warranty. My guess is the three remaining screws will hold that together fine, so the machine will still be functional and it wouldn’t stop me from using it. The driver is a #2 star point.


Yeah, I tried screwing it back and no luck. The screw across from it fell out as well as I was screw the other one. I’ll contact support, but appreciate you comparing the size of yours to mine


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