Glow forge _ Blank screens all white

I am logged into my platform but everything is white ??

Have you tried a different browser?

Yes and Two different computers one Mac and One Windows.
This just happened just now. It was fine 15 minutes ago.

7:10 pm eastern

I’m getting blank windows after rendering files, but only some files, not all. Looks like the older files are glitching out. I’ve cleared cache and even switched computer. Re-uploading the files worked but I’m hoping there’s a fix.

None of my files will RENDER out all blank and white.
what is happening was there an update ?

I see there’s a scheduled maintenance tomorrow on “image processing”…not sure if it’s related. Have you tried re-uploaing?

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Im thinking some kind of sever is down , let make sure someone important is aware i have orders to fill .

The ability to Render Designs is just gone.
I wonder how many our shut down now.

My personal designs are loading fine, but my purchased ones are blank and when I hit the Reset Design it went to all white - so yeah, you’re not alone!

I keep tying its all white no matter how many time i try different methods , browsers or computers.

Just checked from my phone, there is an outage of some kind.
Get a cup of coffee or tea and do some design work and we’ll return to our regular program soon.

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We still did not get a Moderator or manager to acknowledge this UGH .

How long do these outages last . They seem to be happening more and more from what I am reading. This is exactly why i cannot get myself to recommend the Glowforge without some anxiety and concern.

Theres is not outage showing on the Glowforge outrage page.

Freudian slip?


OMG were still down !

Mine is down too. (I was able to cut things earlier.)


3 hours NOW and not a single staffer to notify anyone. This SUCKS.

I thought If I purchased two of these that if one ever went down I would be in better shape, no I just feel stupid. So much for the back up. UGH i have no way of getting this order done.

I have written to Support no response , No Response on the Forum , I am at a loss as to how to get someone from glow-forge to recognize the incident.