Glow Forge Customer Support : From 100% to Zero and miserable

Let me tell you where Customer Service is Miserable with Glowforge .

The Forum itself is very quick to determine what the problem is with your Machine.
and they are efficient and fast .

The Next Email you get are the People that really count as they have the means to fix by sending you something or having you send in your machine or purchasing a new one .

But hear is where it goes to really wrong , you see all this time I was emailing with a real person but than the next email I get , I see a new face on the email and someone sending out the invoice for the New machine . Telling me that the sooner I pay it the sooner I can get my Tracking number.

I whip out the Credit Card and in less than 2 minutes I have it paid for big cash and I come back to the email thinking that I am talking to a person who is going to confirm my Cash Transfer but I am mistaken …

Days go by , no reply back after I paid, No response that I even paid the right invoice for the right product, Nothing to let me know they got the Payment.

Its miserable , its frustrating , its sick, because the second I agreed the terms of the new Agreement for the Machine I am left to realize that there no Person.

I was talking BS to a Robot Email .
So my email asking for a new Lid Cable because my Lid Cable is bad went into Limbo. Along with the questions I had asked.

GLOWFORGE - Can you please do better after you get the MONEY . Just one email stating we got your payment : That is all i am asking is it to much to ask.

Enclosed you can see how i was handed off to the Robot and have not herd anything since. Its shameful , it should not be this way when it could be handled so much better and not make the Experience of a broken Glowforge even worse.!

The email cuts off because it just be begging for an answer… over and over again. This is where days will go by with no response.

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While you may charge your card it can take up to 48 hours before the business actually receives the funds. They may see the funds were charged but not actually transferred. At that point the funds transfer can be stopped by the customer, once actually transferred the the customer has to file a dispute.

You may want to consider blacking out your personal infor from the message chain.

No one has gotten back to me yet, and I still need the Ribbon Cable for the Lid.
Please send me an invoice . I am currently using one from another machine as the one that was sent to me did not work, Please help.

Unless it says “Staff” under a person’s username, then they are just a regular forum user like you or I.

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Hello @coalakida, thank you for bringing this to our attention. My deepest apologies for the delay in communication.

Since this has do with your personal account and I see you’ve emailed us about this, I’ve replied there with next steps. I’m going to close this topic.