Glow Forge Cut Time Estimator

I am requesting that the lovely people at Glow Forge could create a
“Cut / Engrave Time Estimator”.

I am aware that it does a simple version of this already.
It is very slow with larger pieces.

I want to select multiple objects at once to estimate the cut or engrave time quickly. So that I may give clients a quicker more accurate estimate on projects.


Have you contacted support with your suggestion? They do not participate in these forums.

Just FYI - this has been requested multiple times in the past, but doesn’t hurt to ask again.


Personally, I think it’s a good idea. Take efly’s advice and email support with your requests, they won’t see it here.


Thanks, I will contact them directly.


If it is tracking the time taken while creating a cut path, then the math will take the same sort of time to estimate as to do, so just running a cut / engrave will get there as fast.

You can get some estimates easily. A standard SD engraving of a 4" x 4" coaster will take ~20-25 minutes. If 2" high it will be nearly half that. The design matters little as the head has to pass from edge to edge no matter what unless part of the design is narrower as it would be if the coaster were a circle rather than a square. So if you track similar designs in terms of layout you can have a pretty accurate estimate for things of similar shape.

There is a difference if the width is longest as it will be faster than if the width is shortest by a considerable margin, as the time taken to slow down and change direction will be the same no matter how long the actual engrave distance is and the more times doing so will be that much longer.


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