Glow forge died mid project

Does anyone have a way to contact Glowforge directly? I was in the middle of a project for a client when my new (purchased in June 2019) Glowforge PRO just died and will not turn back on. I really need some troubleshooting help or understanding of what exactly just happened to my machine so that I can communicate with my client.

SUPER frustrated because this shouldn’t be happening to a machine so new, I really don’t understand what is going on, this is costing time/money and possibly a client relationship.



I see you have a Basic @leah2, is the temperature range in the room within the operating temperatures for the Basic? (60°F - 75°F).

That is the most common cause for the machine to pause. It will resume once it has cooled enough, but if the room is too warm, it might be a while before it resumes. (Don’t open the lid or turn anything off. You can direct a fan at the intake.)

I have the Pro not the Basic. The room is at the right temp and the machine did not pause it died–as in–shut down and will not turn back on. I have no idea why it has been working fine since got with the exception on not cutting all the way through the materials without manually adjusting the settings. I am super unhappy :frowning:

P.S. I think my profile says basic because I per-ordered the basic a year or so ago and then canceled the order before it shipped. I just bought the pro in June.

Yeah that threw me off. No biggie.

Complete dying though is different from pause anyway. You might want to check the connections, see if they are closed and secure, for all of the ribbon cables. Check that the back power cord is inserted completely, and check the outlet to make sure that a lamp powers up on it. If you have it on a surge protector, try it without too.

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Yeah I tried all of these suggestions but no dice. It just sucks that I can’t call support, I really feel like I got sold a lemon. I bought the pro because I run a business and with every other machine I own have immediate professional support. This waiting for days/weeks to get a reply on faulty equipment is not cool.

FYI: I say days/weeks because I contacted support about my cutting issue when I first got my machine and I still haven’t been followed up with on that one.

Not cutting all the way through is a much more common problem, and it’s usually caused by user unfamiliarity, so it likely gets lower priority. They tend to get to the “total power failure” tickets much more quickly.

At this point you just need to wait to hear from them, they can look at your logs and see a lot more than we can guess at. (Good luck, hope it’s a quick fix.)

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Thanks. I hope it a quick fix too, but it doesn’t look like it from my end right now. Anyway I appreciate the feedback Jules. At least I know somebody cares other than me :cry:

Oh they care. (It just usually takes them some time to track down the problem and start getting you set up with whatever you need, and they won’t get back in touch until it’s well underway. It’s the way they do it, and it does save time overall.)

No comfort while you’re waiting though. I know.

Hang in there. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Have you plugged something else into that outlet? I had a GFI pop on me because a construction worker plugged in their circular saw to my outside line and it turned off my freezer in the basement… looking for that GFI was a builder gift apparently.

Yeah, everything else works in the outlet I did not trip a breaker or have a power outage. :frowning:

First, let me apologize for the frustration. You mentioned previously contacting us about cut through. I see you contacted us on June 24th and we followed up with you the same day. It sounds like you might not have received our reply, I’m so sorry about that. I see that you also emailed us about this today and we are now working on things there, so I am going to close this thread.

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