Glow Forge IS DOWN AGAIN. 8:30 am Eastern Time its now 9:46 am

Why do you do business with a dishonest, incompetent company?


Haven’t timed it for awhile but less than 2 minutes and if there is an update, usually 2 to 4 minutes before an update resets then another 2 minutes or less.


Neither Glowforge nor Google show any outages today, and I haven’t seen my printer go “offline” while powered on since 2019 personally.


Only one time in 4 1/2 years for me.


I haven’t been having any issues and I’d say it takes maybe two minutes max to connect and be ready to run, but it can take a bit longer when there’s an update.

Not saying it couldn’t be other things, but I think having two machines go down at the same time and going through replacing all kinds of hardware actually supports that it’s a wifi integrity/interference issue more than disproves it, and I’d be more suspicious of a hardware issue or sabotage if only one machine on the same signal was impacted. And I know you’ve been here for quite a while and probably already know this, but I think it’s good to point it out for new users that it may not be a dramatic loss of signal that would cause all your devices to drop, and just a brief disruption/interference can mess with the GF. Furthermore, once a file is processed the GF doesn’t need wifi to run it, so that means that there was a good connection when you processed a file, then there was a drop in signal while it was running which only became apparent when processing the next file. (And yes, leaving a machine on 24/7 for four years could screw things up too.)

And FWIW, I’m sorry your machines are acting up and I know from personal experience how exasperating it can be, but this sounds a bit more like looking for confirmation bias and folks to agree with you about GF being shady versus wanting to have meaningful help in figuring out your issue. Which is totally OK as long as you understand it won’t help get to the bottom of the issue, and it’s just more about letting off steam.


I’m not sure what’s meant by “sneaky updates”. The Glowforge is a centrally-managed device. GF rolls out updates as necessary and invisibly to the end user, which is the whole point of centrally managed computing device - take the pain of device management out of the hands of the end user. So any updates they push to the machines aren’t sneaky, they’re being pushed exactly like they’re supposed to be. You sign up for this when you buy your GF.

I don’t know, but it is certainly possible that some updates may not be performed until the machine is power cycled. I think GF probably understands how updating the machine between jobs would be suboptimal from an end user perspective, if the update changed the machine’s behavior in some way. So never power cycling the machine off may conceivably prevent it from updating when it’s supposed to. That might cause problems as the servers could be getting updated with a change that assumes the printers are also up to date.

I’d add that having multiple Glowforges connected to multiple WiFi access points in no way demonstrates that GF servers are at fault if all the machines stop working at once. The data going to/from those different WiFI access points probably ends up in the same place at some point along it’s path to GF’s servers. A fault anywhere after the data streams are merged on to a common “transport” would affect all machines regardless of their WiFi connection. So all that multiple WiFi access points does for you when all machines fail at once is maybe demonstrate that the WiFi link itself isn’t at fault. It does not demonstrate that you aren’t experiencing a network problem.

The fact that you seem to experience problems fairly often and there isn’t a “hue and cry” from the general GF community about the same kind of problem strongly suggests the issue is at your end of the network connection and not a problem with GF’s servers or software. May not be the answer you want, but the odds are much more likely IMO that the fault is in your network connection somewhere (part of my real job is a discipline called “failure analysis”).

By way of example, I think I’m over 3 years of GF ownership. While I don’t run it 24/7, I do run it for extended intervals periodically. I have never had an issue with my machine not coming on line or going off line. The thing has worked every single time I’ve turned it on and used it.


Wow, I’ve never had any issues like this at all.

You can sign check to see if there is an outage. You can also subscribe to email notifications.

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Not only is there a data convergence out in the web at some point, but we know GFs have cheap WiFi chips. Despite being on different WiFi networks and services, they have the same achilles’ heel. A bit of random disturbance on the 2.4 ghz wavelength could absolutely take both out at the same time. I’m positive these chips are like the 99.9999% of all radios chips out there that are designed to surrender to/accept interference. And since these are cheap ones…


We used to have a microwave that would wonk my connection. Figured it out and replaced the microwave - the shielding was breaking down so it was actually a good thing it disturbed the Wifi Force :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I fought an intermittent problem for months. I could go days or weeks with no issues and then suddenly it would rear its ugly head only to mysteriously “self correct”. This could happen several times a day and the go back to no issues. It turned out to be a conflict with the family access our Apple TV while I was locked away with my GF.


You’re not the only one to discover an Apple TV interfering with their Glowforge’s wifi. @Pearl shared the same discovery in a previous @coalakida discussion.



That only shows it’s likely not an ISP issue. And makes a stronger case for local interference.


So it could not be something between you and Glowforge servers? because everybody else coming through different paths seem to connect.

you should talk to your ISP.


Its 1: 30 am and my machine has gone on and off about 10 times now on line and off, Just another night in misery with the Glowforge. ugh


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So the fix was to restart the machine , Seems that leaving it on 24/7 is causing issues when there might be some sneaky maintenance issues.

Could you explain that? Should I be worried?

At least you now know it’s not some crazy conspiracy, and glad you got going again with a simple flip of a switch.

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Unlikely. When you have reliable broadband and wifi, updates are applied at power-on, or after a print completes.

The “reboot” you would have witnessed shows that.