Glow Forge IS DOWN AGAIN. 8:30 am Eastern Time its now 9:46 am

I went to bed and the unit was working perfectly , Woke up and its OFF LINE

Now its moving around stupidly trying to Center when I know its really Off line.

Glowforge turning into Glow Garbage, . Time of Day 8:30 am Eastern its now 9:11 am and still

GlowForge is Back on online : 9: 15 am

I have for the last 4 years always Left my machine on 24 hours around the clock , I wonder if that messes up there Sneaky Updates, or Maintenance BS they do. ?

No issues here. Check your wifi.


Do you turn you glowforge Off ? If there is maintanace being done do they do when the machine is off ? This happens so much to me these Lapses in time when I am just off line and I have two mahcines and they act identical . I always know when glowforge is screwing up not my WiFI.

My machine was off. I turned it on after your post. 1 minute later, it was ready to print with a new image of the material I threw in there.

Updates are applied after a reboot (power on), or at the end of a print.


Its back off line : Stuck on Preparing to Print. UGH 9:44 am 3 /1 22

Now 9:50 am back on line and working. UGH despite 3 machines and 4 years with Glowforge these times when the machine is down do to not being On Line or Finishing Updates has been the Hardest to Deal with.

I Used to think it was my WIFI thousand of dollars latter in the best you can buy i having two of the Best WIFI companies you can get , I realized that was not the anwser.

I than bought loads of Cables and ribbons and Printer heads and Realized that was not the Answer
I than bought 2 machines and that is when I realized that most of the BS that people deal with is Glowforge not being on line on there machine.

This is when I started to hate Glowforge because they know. But I had to pay the steep price to learn , to just wait it out , and Glowforge will come back on line, UGH just like today.

Maybe you’d have less trouble with your machines if you did turn them off for a period of time each day. Perhaps there are updates that only come through on start up?


Its the only thing i never tried, I will try that and see if that makes a difference , tu

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I would suspect there is some kind of local interference with your WiFi, rather than every machine you have used being problematic. I know you don’t believe that and have been going in circles trying everything else but you still have the problem. That points to radio interference. It wouldn’t matter how good or expensive your equipment is. Because your laptop connects fine doesn’t mean your signal integrity is perfect.

I always turn my machine off. It calibrates in under two minutes, every time. Never a connectivity issue or any problems with firmware updates in 5 years. Same hardware you have.

Support can tell from the machine logs if it has a problem maintaining a stable connection. BTW support no longer monitors the forum, you need to email them.

I would research potential causes of WiFi interference(there are many) and explore those in your environment.
Good luck.


I have been thru this thinking before. If it was my Wi Fi it would be much more times than what it is.
this is about 3 times a month so no , I dont think WIFI is my issue at all. It may be some type of maintenance that does not go thru because I leave my machines on . But not Wi Fi issues.

I am as convinced that this is not a Glowforge service issue as you are that it is. They’re not doing maintenance or having downtime that affects only you. Whatever is happening, it’s happening locally. I don’t expect you to accept that.


See, I think this is why you are stuck, you automatically discount the possibility, when all the evidence suggests otherwise. You are looking all around your problem, but not at it.


Beamer is unplugged whenever I am not printing. my last house was struck by lightening 2x. not about to have Beamer fried like that. the second strike was 30k plus in damage.

luckily the new house seems to lightening prone.

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Ditto. Mine is unplugged until I need to print. Even with updates, it takes about a minute to boot up.

It’s kind of interesting how the same issue keeps cropping up for this one user. I have never had an offline issue, and my GF is about 40’ away from my skanky ISP-provided router.


I think it’s fair to say that wifi sensitivities to packet drop and error correction are not very good on the GF unit. Also fair to logically assume that the problem is related to issues somewhere between the larger global internet connection and the GF unit. Other than that it’s a guessing game.


yes indeed. the only time I ever had a lag in boot up was when I had just done a bunch of chipboard and the lid camera was upset it couldn’t find the head.

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Said it last time and I’ll say it again. It’s you, your equipment, or something directly around you causing the issue. You have a little bit of knowledge and that puts you in the “dangerous” category where you THINK you know everything and to some it’s obvious you do not.

Find other people… a significant number of them that can create a dataset showing downtime at the exact same times you are seeing it. It has to be from people not in your area, not on your same internet provider. THEN you will be able to say with at least a bit of credibility that glowforge cloud services are down. Until then you are literally a modern day Don Quixote tilting at windmills.


Software often has bugs. When you leave a machine on 100% of the time, the effect of those bugs can “accumulate”. Where the bugs might not cause a problem initially, the “accumulation” could ultimately lead to the software failing. From the user perspective, it would look random and spontaneous, even though it isn’t. Used to be, if you left a Windows PC running long enough the OS would misbehave and periodic reboots were highly advisable.

Leaving your machine turned on all the time could easily result in “flakey” behavior. You don’t need to power cycle it every day, but may be beneficial to power cycle your machine every few jobs to “clean things up” in the software.

In addition, there are random hardware related “errors” that have a low but non-zero statistical chance of happening (these are called “soft upsets” in the computer world). If you power cycle every once in a while, these kinds of errors will also be cleared out. If you leave the machine on all the time and one of these errors happens, operation of the machine will become flakey.


Somehow you miss the part that We are cutting 24 hours around the clock I know every hiccup before glowforge does, I have two machines each run on a different Wifi , when they both go down I SCREAM at Glowforge because I know that is a Sign. I cannot think of a single time where any other WIFI device in my house has ever gone down except for when we loose power. .

My entire office is setup around the Glowforges, Two machines down at the same time making the same noise , coming back on at the same time Priceless.

Keep in mind its only 15 min sometime 30 today 90 minutes ,

one other thing if your Glowforge is already running in Print mode , you do not have to be on line but the next design will stop you.

There may be some truth to turning off the machines so any GlowForge secret clean up or maintainace or updates can take place. This is possible and I will test this out.

How long from the time you turn on the Glowforge to Printing do you guy experience ?

Definitely evidence of a conspiracy.

I guess the other tens of thousands of owners that continue to print away without issue (myself included) are just lucky.