Glow forge is down - staff please acknowledge

In testing I get a white screen on one design but am able to load several others. At first it was several but after playing with it, it seems to be only one ATM.

So to clarify :slight_smile:

The Designs that I have saved in the Library when rendering out show completely white page all of them .

The Designs I have to upload directly into the Glow forge do Work.

Most of the Designs I need our in the Library and I cannot get to them others have reported the same. Please advise ?

Even when the do load some of the designs can no longer be moved properly. UGH the struggle is real

So I own two machines and it appears I am the only one having the problem with the white screen, how nice.

It makes no sense to me why the Glow Forge works with new uploaded designs but none of the other 200 designs in my library , what happened at 7:10 eastern time ?


Did you try refreshing your browser and clearing the cache? (Both are required.)

Not sure what just happened but everything on both computers just populated. I have no clue but im printing now. Halueahj Thanks Jules.




I wonder if this solved the problem for everyone ??
I wish we could go back and Post in the closed threads and see. UGH.

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It’s fixed now for me as well.

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Did you have to clear the Cashe, ?? or did it just start working ?

My white screen is no longer. Now fixed.

It just started working. I cleared the cache, restarted computer, and switched computer this afternoon and nothing helped.

Some real foul play trickery going on, thank you for your support every bit helped.

I’m so sorry for the trouble with this. Yesterday evening, we made a change that should address the problem you were seeing. It sounds like you’ve been able to upload and print successfully since then - I’m very glad to hear that. I’m going to close this thread, but if the problem reoccurs please start a new thread and we’ll be happy to investigate further.