Glow forge is down - staff please acknowledge

Its been 5 hours since the all the screens have gone white and no designs will render.

Problem started at 7:10 eastern time. Please Respond . Please

Working fine here – I’ve been printing all day with no issues.


I also printed all day until 7:10 and than everything went to a white page and will not render, several other threads have been opened up about the issue I am not the only one,

I know. But I’m thinking it’s an issue with an Internet node somewhere, and not Glowforge, since if it were Glowforge we’d all be having problems.

It may be only those printing from the Library as im seeing more threads opened up but where our the staff .?

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Probably working through all the duplicate support tickets created by people who post the same problem multiple times in Problems and Support. :wink:


I just received my GF today and when i hit print it just sits in Uploading and wont go to the print box or make the light glow on the GF

No Im watching all the threads and have not seen a single mention from the staff.

I know it wont help but mine is fine and has been all day.
Not seeing any issues on the status on glowforges end either atm
Have you tried things like closing and refreshing the browser? and maybe clearing the cache? not sure if that will work but it might help.

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Well, it IS nearly 3 hours after close of business in Seattle…


I have two machines, one hooked to the mac and windows. They both stopped being able to render out any designs and others have posted the same so its something else besides my machine or browser.

Ah well thats a bummer, could also try power cycling the machines but i doubt that would do anything at this point. will need to wait till tomorrow during business hours and hopefully they can isolate the problem all tho i don’t think it is on the glowforge end at this point. best of luck :beers:

You should start your own thread here in Problems and Support – that will open a support ticket for your problem. (Staff can only address one problem per ticket.) Until they come around, we users will chime in and try to help you find a solution. :wink:


thank you so much. I will do that right now. So excited to get everything hooked up and let down when it doesn’t work.

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There is likely a maintenance issue that they are probably more focused on fixing than discussing with folks complaining about the problem they are trying to fix.
Scheduled Maintenance maintenanceFeb 11, 09:00-11:00 PST

We will be performing maintenance on specific to image processing, design load service, and print service from 11:00am to 12:00pm on 02/11/2020. During this maintenance, we do not expect any downtime to occur.
Posted on Feb 10, 12:00 PST

Emphasis on "we do not expect "

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Wanted to let you know as well that posting multiple topics in the P&S section creates a support ticket every time and generally slows down response time from support as they try and gather all the necessary information. Best to stick to one topic it helps speed things up.

Your saying they got the Dates mixed up and this is Maintenance ???

Could well be the reason for it :slightly_smiling_face:

See the part about expectations…

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I really hope that is all that it is but I feel one day I am going to own 2 very expensive paper weights . UGH …

I’m so sorry to hear you’ve hit a snag!

Staff is currently investigating, however, this doesn’t currently appear to be a widespread or complete outage.

We’ll update the thread as we know more and the team may follow up with additional questions this evening or tomorrow as we learn more.