Glow forge Stuck

Hello, I admit that I am still a newbie when it comes to my glowforge, but up until now it has been working fine.

It appears that I am having issues with the software now.

I have upload or attempted to upload a PDF to be cut, but it seems to lock up and become unresponsive (software on Chrome ).

I will bring up my design, but will not completely as the design buttons on the left are not complete, and the design will show up on my draft board, but I am unable to move it into the position that I want.

Sometimes I’ve had similar issue with some files taking longer & seems to take forever for the GFUI to respond…

Have you cleared the cache on your computer lately? Since all the information has to travel back and forth thru the internet, the “pipes” can clog up pretty fast–much faster than before you ever had your GF connected! And sometimes what’s going on with the network outside of our house can affect the system, too.

So recommend running something like CC cleaner.

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Thank you your response.

Yes, I have cleared data, I have unplugged and re-started the glowforge.

I checked and restarted my internet, and even had a repairmen/ service tech check and found no issues with my internet services.

I am at a loss.

Can you use the app on your phone or a tablet and see if that works?

It sounds like a “computer” problem to me, not a machine issue.

Same problem on both

I’ve got nothing more then. The app does not depend on the machine being powered on, so it’s really got nothing to do with the machine. Can’t imagine what would cause a computer and a mobile device to have the same symptoms.

I agree, it goes through the steps of loading my design, then just sets there. image image


You can hit wait on the page unresponsive - but it sounds (and looks like from the GF warning) that your image is going to result in too long of an engrave so it won’t load. If you wanted to upload your art here somebody on the forum could check it for you - if you don’t want to load it here, you can email it to Support and let them know you’ve also opened a ticket on the forum and they can look into it for you.

Ok, thank you. I was wondering about limits. I am engraving 4 spots in 20 squares, each spot is 1/4 inch in size.4x5 Laser Cut Floor tile.pdf (13.2 KB)

Oops, I meant 9 circles not 4

Sadly I don’t have .pdf editing software so I can’t double check - but my first question would be - did you unite all the engraved circles so they are one big engrave (as opposed to 9x20 individual engraves)?

The file loaded for me… eventually. The black dots were individual images in clipping paths, so the GFUI was slowly stripping out the clipping paths and building the 180 individual steps that you would have had to set one by one… tedious to say the least, and very inefficient. They also weren’t centered to the red and yellow squares… and there were white squares in there too, not sure why.

Anyway, I threw out all the images and the clipping paths, and the white squares, and the new file loads very quickly with only a few steps.

Lemmie know if this SVG works for you.


also, I can’t help but to notice that the file is labeled “4x5 tile” but this design came in at about 8.003" x 9.95"… about double-sized. Here is one at 4"x5" (well… 4x4.9758)



Thank you, I still figuring out the glowforge and how to build projects. Inkscape baffles me still, so I use ms publisher and convert into a pdf.

I was just thinking about possibly grouping the engrave into one, with the scores layered over the top.

The squares are suppose to be 2” squared and I call it 4 x5 in 4 across and 5 deep.

Thank you for the help. I can see were I need to go now.


ok, so the sizing of the original was pretty much correct, msPublisher might just not be the ideal choice for dimensionally accurate design work. Inkscape (or any vector-design software) has a steep learning curve at first, but that curve smooths out in time and will be well worth your while if you plan to make unique stuff on the GF.

awesome, best of luck!


I’m sorry that you’ve run into trouble getting files to load and print. I see you’ve already received some excellent advice from other community members. Thanks folks!

I think your plan to group the circles in your design into a single engrave would be a great next step. I noticed in your file that each individual circle is an image with a resolution over 500dpi.

Your Glowforge can engrave with resolutions of up to 1355dpi. However, our software will process raster engraves up to a maximum size of approximately 30MP (megapixels). Of course, the maximum printed dimensions will be smaller for a higher-resolution image. For reference, a 4"x4" image is about 30MP at 1355dpi. Effectively, it rarely improves engrave results to use an image higher than 600dpi.

The above information about resolution for engraves may be helpful when you try grouping the objects in your design together into a single image. Please let us know how it goes!

I also saw that you had a separate forum thread regarding other designs loading slowly. Are you still running into trouble with any other designs from your library?


It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread so I’m going to close it. If you still need help with this please either start a new thread or email