Glow forge WiFi appeared briefly never to appear again

I saw WiFi briefly when going through the setup but I then realized I had missed a few crucial steps (like installing the printer head.

I completed the missing steps but now the glowforge doesn’t show up on my PC WiFi, or iPhone. I’m using a windows 10 pc, and I can watch the glowforge power up, lights blink, and printer head roll around on a self check but it won’t talk to me. Both mAchines are next to each other. Any guesses?

If it’s moving around, it sounds like it is receiving instructions from the cloud (implying it’s connected to your network and the cloud). Have you gone to

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The setup process gets the Glowforge onto your home wifi, after which the Glowforge’s own temporary wifi signal disappears. See if the app works as @jbmanning5 suggested.

good call. I went and was able to see the test project I have in the bed so it must be connected out to the cloud. It would be helpful to have a status icon to show a positive connection but it is there.

The setup process could be a lot better. You’re not the first to stumble.

Thanks for the help @jbmanning5 and @GrooveStranger.

@agoodqaman I’m so sorry for the confusion. I’ve shared your feedback with the team.

If you have any other questions, please post a new topic.