Glow in the Dark Materials?

Wife just had a great idea for the kids room with Glow in the Dark materials.

Has anyone used them before?
Does anyone know of their suitability & availability?

This maybe?

No experience with it.

Seems overly expensive. How about using glow in the dark paint and painting acrylic or plywood

Every pre-glowy material I find with a brief google search is vinyl. So maghog’s linked product, or glow in the dark paint added to your cut looks like the only options.

I plan on putting a glow in the dark Glowforge logo in my Glowforge workbench. I’m going to cut the logo out of 1/4" mdf, I’ll stain the wood dark and fill the cutout with the resin, then just glue it as the top layer of the workbench. The Glow in the dark resin is a mix of clear resin and glow in the dark powder. Here’s the table that inspired me.

Good idea Jamie, i have seen that table before but forgot about it. I can assure you it is bookmarked now.
What an excellent idea. This might be a possible solution for us

Ideally though we want as flat a surface as possible, the Plastic Sheets linked by @maghog are in line with what we are hoping to find but i agree with all, the price is crazy!

Don’t put glow in the dark vinyl in the laser. I don’t think its laser safe because it has PVC in it. Best to use a digital cutter. I have tonnes of scrap glow vinyl and I was going to, until I checked that data sheets :confused:

A few years ago I did a lot of research into glow powders for a sculpture I was building.
The best sources I found were Glonation and Gloinc

They were not always the cheapest, but they were the most consistent and brightest.

(wow, I guess it was 6 years ago…)

I’ve used UV reactive plexi that has a dayglo effect and glows great in a black light but doesn’t glow in the dark. Probably best to cut something then coat it with glow in the dark paint.

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