3-gang Lever Light Switch Plate Toggle Cover

Here is a design for a lever toggle switch. I’d be interested in hearing any feedback.

You can see a video of the toggle switch here:
Video of Switch Plate

Here is the SVG File for the design.


The file opens up just fine. Super job. What do you use for an axle? I was trying to see. Looks almost like an acrylic rod.

I did use an acrylic rod. 1/4" Clear Extruded Acrylic Rod ( I got it from usplastics). I also used a wood rod while gluing, which I ordered from amazon.

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My rod is 4.33 inches long… or… 11cm. long.


Totally cool! And it would be a lot easier to find in the dark! Thanks for sharing the files! :grinning:

I wish the glowforge store sold glow in the dark acrylic. That would be totally awesome even if only some of it was glow in the dark.


Inventables sells it…


Previously (alternative):


There’s also glow in the dark paint and tape… Banggood has good deals on tape.

There’s also glow in the dark thread on amazon.

There are also tritium vials.


Wow, how cool is that! I love the satisfying click you get. Thanks for the file!

Very cool! Thank you for sharing your file.