Glowforge 3D model?

Has anyone made a 3D model of the Gloworge exterior? I’m thinking about designing a bench for my Glowforge and I was hoping that now that quite a few people have them, maybe someone has modeled it.

I saw another post from Sept. of last year with the same question, but @dan said he wouldn’t release the full specs until production units are shipping. Now that they are, maybe we can get an exterior model of the laser and filter for planning purposes. Just about any 3D format will work.


Thanks for the quick reply, and that’s very cool. I’m hoping to get STEP files and I need the filter too.

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There aren’t any filters in the wild yet so you won’t find precise measurements here.

I know that. That’s why I posed the question to @dan. All good replies though. Thank you all for your input.

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None right now - I suspect an owner will beat us to releasing it. :slight_smile:

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