Glowforge acrylic--- Food Grade?

Is the acrylic food grade and will it hold up under heat—approx 130 degrees.

We have a Freeze Dryer and would like to use acrylic to create dividers for the trays.


It’s cast acrylic…plastic…so as far as I know there’s no such thing as ‘food grade’. Can’t give you any info. about the tempurature part, although 130 isn’t all that hot.


It starts to bend at about 200⁰ so temp wise you’re fine, and as far as “food grade” that’s a big old it depends…and a different question whether it’s personal or business use!


I’ve been wondering if you could use it with polymer clay. That bakes at about 165F. Not worried about bending, but fumes. Wood works.


Based on the way cut acrylic smells … even if it starts as food grade, I don’t want it anywhere near food after it’s cut.

I was under the impression polymer clay is primarily PVC which makes for a solid NO.


I don’t want the clay in the laser, I want to bake the clay in an acrylic frame.

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Refrigerator organizer bins/trays you can buy at the store are often made of acrylic, so I see no issues with making your own for your dryer as far as food safety.

I heat press acrylic to transfer dye or toner to it, and the acrylic becomes limp as a wet noodle, but that’s at around 400 degrees.


At 130 degrees you might actually be annealing the acrylic, which in the short term at least would make it more resistant to breakage. Not sure about in the long term though.

I hadn’t thought of that. I know it’s mostly heat bendable, so I figured 165F would be okay.

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At one time, acrylic was used in serving utensils such as salad tongs, spoons and cake/pie servers. I believe the cheaper dollar store type still are.