Glowforge Air Filter Issues

Glowforge Pro is an amazing product and I love it, but I am very disappointed on the portable filter. $250 for a cartridge that doesn’t last 20 hour especially with draftboard. I went to buy another cartridge and they don’t even have any available right now, probably because people have to buy one every 20 hours. I really don’t know what I’m going to do now. Does anyone have any advice to extend your filters life? If not Glowforge should really spend time on either a better filter or somehow bring the price down. I don’t have the luxury to vent outside as our windows don’t open and is next to a children’s school. I only used about 2 draft boards standard size, 2 cherry plywoods standard size, 2 basswood plywood standard size and 1 acrylic sheet standard size and I have to change the filter already? The filter is so bad its leaking smoke out the glowforge. This filter is unacceptable and for anyone contemplating getting it, don’t.

Edit: I’m aware they say not to use the filter with draft board but I am unable to filter outside do to my location. My only option is to use the portable filter so I feel this price is a little unfair. I don’t know how much it cost to make filters but can the materials really be that expensive?

I empathize, although Glowforge does tell users not to use the filter with draftboard as 10 hours can fill the filter. There are other filtration systems available from other vendors, but they are more expensive than Glowforge. Venting out the window or a hole in the wall is preferable, but if that just isn’t possible you are in a tough place. Sorry.


“Better” would mean significantly more expensive, and be much larger. They are out there - for more than the cost of the Glowforge itself.

That’s just the nature of them. The one sold here is a last resort for very occasional use. The machine itself is designed for light hobby/crafting use, after all.

Well I mean the cartridge more than the filter. The filter itself works great. Do materials to make these cartridges really cost that much? Also I’m sad i can’t order another cartridge on their site at the moment as they are sold out.

I have no idea what it actually costs but it’s in-line with similar products. It’s an extremely low-volume, specialized application. Most products like that demand a premium.

It’s nothing like a regular “room sized” air purifier you can get at the hardware store to help eliminate odors. Cutting wood generates significant airborne debris and that’s what clogs the filter cartridge. MDF/Draftboard and MDF-core plywood are the worst.

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I do not have the filter, but I recall several people discussing a “prefilter” that they put on top of the cartridge to allow it to last longer. Don’t get too discouraged, I am sure someone will weigh in soon. You are not alone in this.

They do because these filters are actually rated to make exhaust air safe for you to breathe not just smell better and less dusty.


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