Glowforge Airflow

My Glowforge stopped printing mid project. The message I get says that the fan is not providing sufficient ventilation or something like that. I turned off the machine and then when I turned it back on it tried to move, but made a very loud bumping sound. I turned it off. Help!

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How old is your Glowforge? Have you cleaned the air assist fan completely recently? Do you have the Glowforge filter or are you venting outside?

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It is two years old and my students use it almost daily for two-three weeks. We vent it outside. I have never cleaned the air assist fan. Not sure how to do that?


Those instructions miss out on a really important step. Flip the carriage plate over and you’ll see a metal chute on the underside of the fan. Even if the top looks perfectly clean, that chute can be almost totally blocked. Stick your air can, or a qtip, or a pipe cleaner into the chute from both sides and get out what you can!