Glowforge and Cosplay



So I’m into cosplay (the guys need gals you see that dress in costume for comic conventions). There has been tons of different costumes and props that I can see using the glowforge for. I’ve seen where other laser cutters have done Eva foam. This should work in GF as well correct? Also will there be a way to transfer pepakura files into GF? Also if there are any other cosplay people in the GF community what are your projects your looking to make?


You can transfer Pepakura files, but you’ll have to convert them into a simpler image. I’d probably convert to PDF, and set the GF to cut outlines only. That ought to do the trick. Since I’m still patiently waiting for my GF, I can’t verify my suggestion.


I’m also looking into the possibilities of transfering pepakura files to GF able files. It’s not hard but it does take some practice and getting used too. Especially if you are on a mac.

Basically you get pepakura to explode and export the file to the size of the glowforge bed (no more A4 size restraints!) and then you have to manually enter all the cut jobs per tray into the glowforge software. This could take a long time but it will save you having to cut the paper and the material by hand. With foam you can even have the glowforge score the material for easy folding.

I’m looking forward to building some ‘easy’ prop weapons and then I’d love to collaborate with someone on a suit of armor or somekind.


Check out the mask @dean made… Polygon wolf mask from Laser Thursday


I’m heavily involved with a con on the east coast of Canada.
I’ve already got people saying that they want to order stuff from me.


Yea I have people already set for projects once I have my GF. Pepakura is great but the time cutting and the ability to cut straight clean lines will make it so much nicer with a GF. Plus I had always wanted to make halloween/xmas decorations with pepakura for the yard. All be it I’ll have to bondo and resin once I glue the parts together.


Oddly, someone else just posted this today: Fallout Gauss Rifle Build I am really looking forward to seeing what the Cosplay community does with glowforge. These are some seriously creative people.


My girlfriend and I are both pretty big into cosplay, and cant wait for our glowforge to come so that we can build much more accurate costumes with it. Cutting foam and fabric down to templatized sizes and shapes will be incredibly important for us, especially with how much overcuts show up in EVA. I cant say what projects were going to be using it on as of now because everything were working on now is scheduled to be done before the glowforge gets here. We would have obviously been using it for these upcoming costumes if there hadnt been a delay, so were gonna have to do a lot of it the oldschool way.

Were still excited for it, and the passthrough slot will be a huge help getting some of these larger pieces cut. Once we get a template down for full body suits, we will be able to churn those out quickly, and can paint them ourselves. I cant wait


I have a dear friend who does some pretty amazing cosplay and has… maybe not plans yet for the forge, but certainly plans to have plans. I’m sending her the wolf head. :smiley:


A quick google search told me “Pepakura Designer exports the unfolded pattern into several file formats, including BMP, PNG, GIF, JPG, EPS, DXF, and PDF.” If thats true, like half of them are supposed to be cool with Glowforge. Is there something about pepakura that would make this more difficult than it seems from an outsider (non-user) perspective?

I ask because I’m exploring program options for the future :slight_smile:


I’m new to the whole laser cutting world. So I wasn’t sure how. Fold lines would affect a cut. From the previous posts it looks like it will be pretty straight foward. Loving the fact I can now join ton of parts together and trim down seams in my builds.


I have a series of cosplay weapons/swords i intend to make with the GF, and a few other methods like mold casting. Stay tuned!


Im making a number of swords and weapons from borderlands for the upcoming convention this fall =))


So, what are the parameters for bringing swords or weapons to a con like that?
Somehow I doubt I could walk into one carrying the bat’leth… :astonished:


Okay, but the bat’leth is a danger to yourself and others if no one is touching it. Imagine if you tried to carry it around…


Probably not allowed.

Here was the Weapons Policy for PAX East, which I think is pretty similar to most con’s.

Weapons Check Policies
All prop weapons brought to the show MUST be approved at the Info
Booth as soon as you arrive. We will be looking for the following
It cannot fire any sort of projectile. (Nerf guns are only allowed if they have been deactivated and cannot fire.)
It cannot be an airsoft weapon. (Yes, even if it’s deactivated.)
It cannot be sharp or pointy enough to cut or pierce someone
with moderate pressure. This includes all real swords, daggers and
knives. It also includes ceramic blades, needles, syringes and anything
that can pierce (for example, a Little Sister syringe made of wood would
not be allowed)

Upon approval, your weapon and badge will be tagged and cataloged.


It depends on the convention, and what the weapon is made of. There are some conventions that wont let you carry anything in the door, and those cons suck. Most cons however know that people are bringing in fake weapons, so they just want to check them out beforehand, and will let you move right along.

The big convention we go to every year is dragoncon. Its the best con for costuming and props. All the big movie prop makers etc come out to it. Its amazing, and they are super cool about weapons. As long as it doesnt fire projectiles, and you arent attacking someone with it, its all good. Hell, last year we remade the flame throwing guitar from Mad Max, and it even shot stuff out (red tinted CO2 plume, not fire), and everyone loved it.


I am so happy that there are so many people here are into cosplay. my 2nd used for the GF would be for cosplay. me and so many of my friends are starting to get some designs together for when we get our GF.


The only conventions I been to that had a very strict policy was NYCC. Pax east had the rules but they really did not care as long as it did not have a projectile or sharp. I had a wooded sword. They let me in with no problems.


NYCC is NOTORIOUS for their weapons policy. I heard it was a little better this year, but the year before this happened:

They took them and didnt give them back.

Momocon in atlanta (which is this month), is a bit more strict than most, and is also a bit strict on costume body coverage. Unfortunately we arent going to make momocon this year, but theyve recently partnered with dragoncon to bring the two conventions more in line and to share resources, so next year should be even better.

Im hoping to make blizzcon this year, and were definitely planning on hitting the new york maker faire to visit family and see the glowforge crew, as well as go costuming. Im excited! Are you from nyc?