Glowforge app resizing designs

Hi Everybody,
I’m trying to cut some journal covers out of wood. I’ve set my file to exactly the sizes that I need (4.25x6.75 inches), but GF keeps cutting it at 3.25x5. Any help?


What program are you using to create your designs?

Please check your svg “save as” settings. In almost all cases, un-checking “Responsive” and/or using a 20x12 inch artboard will fix the problem.


Thanks for the quick replies! I’m using illustrator CC (2018) and I just checked, I had both minify and responsive selected. I’m real dumb! Gonna do a test run now.

You’re not! Simple thing to have checked, and I think it is by default. They sound good too! That should get you fixed up.

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Thanks @dwardio! @tmullen, if this doesn’t fix it, please create new thread and we’ll help!