Glowforge arrived but missing the accessory box

Hey Yall,
My Glowforge just arrived but did not come with the accessory box ( crumb tray, power cord, exhaust ).
I do have a power cord that will work and spare exhaust tubing. My question is that if I was looking to engrave items using some of the methods without the crumb tray, would I be able to while GF figures out what is going on with my shipment? Or do I need to wait for the crumb tray for set up - initial calibration ?
Im just ready to give it a try but unsure when that tray will get here !
Thanks ahead of time !

The accessory box ships from a different place and it isn’t unusual for it to arrive a day or two before/after the big box.

If you want to set up your venting with other tubing and give it a go you should be able to. The wood you want to cut/engrave must be within the 1/2" focus range of the lens which is at least 1.35" from the glowforge floor.


If you sign up for the app for the shipping service (FedEx, UPS) it’ll give you a heads up for where the other box is!


Check the label. Mine was shipped as a multi-part shipment under one shipping number, with two reference numbers on the labels. You can call and they might be able to tell you when the second will arrive.


I would just wait, I believe you’ll have a better experience.
The accessory box will be along shortly. While you can technically function without those things given you have a cord and exhaust tube it really is to your benefit to run the reccomended first three prints. They seem very simple but they walk you through the basic operations as well as test that your laser is working properly if you use the PG materials in the accessory box as instructed.

A lot of people who skip the first prints end up asking very basic “how do I” questions.


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