Glowforge Aura not cutting or engraving properly

I got the glowforge it is not doing correctly even the patterns from glowforge will shift and cut and engrave wrong and I have no idea being new to the glowforge and got it for Christmas I can not return it to the place I bought it, I am heart broke that this has such great reviews what am I doing wrong is anyone having the same issues and if so if you fixed it HOW. Thanks

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There are lots of people here who will try to help you.

One reason for poor outcomes, is dirt/debris. Have you followed the Glowforge instructions for cleaning the rails and optics?

Have you worked through the Glowforge tutorials? Can you please tell us what material you are cutting/engraving and what design is not working? If you could share a screenshot of one of your projects it would be helpful.

Don’t get discouraged.


I am using 12x12 1/8 inch bass wood I purchase from Amazon. We clean the machine every time we use it. It cuts and engraves perfectly on the left size but seems to shift on the right either not cutting or engraving properly. We did resize the pattern but we should be able to do that correct ? I love the way it cuts and engraves the left side it is really weird and I have wasted a lot of wood so far trying to figure this out,

Are you using the ‘Set Focus’ tool in the three-dot menu before you place your design on the material?


Have you worked through the tutorials? Is there a chance the printhead was moved with the machine turned on? Are you aware that Glowforge does not recommend using 1/8"plywood in the Aura?


When I purchased the glowforge aura in the box was a 1/8 light basswood plywood. That is what the company sent out with the product.

I was not aware I needed to use the focus tool. Will try that next time

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Gotcha. The light doesn’t have an MDF core which is why it’s ok. MDF will dirty up your machine incredibly fast.

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FYI - the official glowforge product is different than what you’ll find elsewhere. Not that you can’t use something else, just be aware that it may not behave the same way.

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I will look into this. What you are saying is that I can only use glowforge products in the machine . I guess I am confused on what products I can use and what I can not use.

I specifically did NOT say that. You can use non-GF materials, but they will behave differently - you will probably have to test different settings and possibly other adjustments depending on the material.


Understood that I have to adjust non glowforge materials differently ty for your input I am new and just figuring things out and the best way is through trial and error and I have had a lot because I am new but I still love glowforge learning this one before I spend 5000 on a new one.


Yes, testing on the intended material is best. Good to keep scraps for that. Learning, I had great fun exploring materials, like a treasure hunt.

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