Glowforge Basic not engraving or cutting consistently

Hi everyone, I have the glowforge basic & the glowforge is not engraving right. My husband just changed the air assist fan & after that it won’t always cut & it doesn’ t engrave right. Does anybody know what that could be?

It is possible that the carriage plate belt tension is incorrect or the air assist fan is on upside down. Are the engraves distorted/shaky? Does the smoke blow toward the front of the machine when it is cutting. Are you certain that the optics are clean and the lens is inserted properly?

Perhaps sharing a photo of an engrave that isn’t right would help up help you.


My husband checked it for a second time, thinks it all looks right. The engraving is shaky & rigid. Yes the smoke looks like it is blowing toward the front. The optics are clean & the lens is inserted correctly.

I will try to share a picture of the engraving tomorrow night.

There’s a troubleshooting guide you can check out called “print is distorted” here:


Hi, this is what my machine is doing. Shaky engraving & not consistently cutting, Can someone help?

Click on the link above this post regarding distorted print. Your carriage plate belt tension is not quite right. Also, your cut line is too thick which could indicate that the lens is in upside down or that your focus mechanism isn’t working. Remove your lens, clean it and make sure it is inserted cup side up.


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