Glowforge Basic out of stock


Do you know when the Glowforge Basic will be available? I would like to receive it before Christmas to be able to realize my family gifts. I bought this model on the 24th October, and I don’t have any information concerning the availability of this product.

Thank you in advance for your answer.

You are going to get the following reply:

“New machines aren’t sitting in a warehouse waiting to ship. They are pretty much built to order, so it just depends on what was currently lined up to be assembled when your order was placed into the queue. The build and repair facility appears to work “bankers hours” so they aren’t cranking these out 24/7…”

If you purchased it 24th of October when it says 1 month back order - it might be cutting it close to Christmas that you might receive mid December.


Thank you very much for your answer :slight_smile:

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I bought mine Oct 19th and wondered the same thing, so I emailed the company, They said it is on track to be delivered on the 18th of November and I should get a tracking number no later than the 14th.

Hello @La.petite.francaise, thanks for asking! Since this has to do with your personal account, we will follow up with you through email. I’m going to close this topic.