Glowforge Bug... No, I mean a LITERAL bug

The first night our :glowforge: (Emmet) arrived, my wife and I were up 'til almost 4am (she works nights, I have a flexible schedule, the kids were in bed, and it’s a holiday weekend). I was testing some things out and my wife hadn’t made anything yet so we put this together for her: the luggage tag design (ignoring the lines layer—thanks for setting up the file so we could do that by the way), an image of a crochet hook and yarn, and my wife’s name in her own handwriting.

During the cut, I looked down to see a moth inside our Glowforge, while it was running! The moth was attempting to fly, but must’ve felt like it was in one of those hurricane simulators they have at the mall 'cause he was struggling!

Managed to get behind the laser arm in the back right corner where apparently the airflow is significantly reduced. Once the print finished he started flying around again and we couldn’t open the lid yet because things had to cool down. Of course, he managed to disappear somewhere before we opened it so I left it open for a while. Never saw him fly out though. I was so worried he was gonna touch something hot and melt on the tube or end up under the laser and roast, setting fire to everything (good thing the fire extinguisher was nearby… Like I said, I bought it so we would never have to use it. Seems to be working so far).

Anyway, my wife’s print came out just fine—something she can put on one of her MANY crochet bags she uses. She’s a crochet machine!

Seriously though, anybody experience a literal bug in their Glowforge yet? I realize now I probably should’ve just canceled the print, but we were watching him and he was enjoying the breeze in the back. Good reminder to never leave this thing unattended.


Great project! (I think that’s the first literal bug in the machine.)


Yeah. I ignored it (moth like yours). I figured it would get fried or not. It seems to have escaped when I opened the lid. I don’t think even if they catch fire that they’re a fire hazard. This isn’t a K40 with all sorts of exposed wiring :grinning:


The overlapping yarn pattern is amazing!

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Awesome project.

I had this tiny little green bug, not sure what it was, but I wasn’t overly concerned.


Have a flap on my external exhaust port to stop the mice and snakes.


Nice design! Unfortunately that moth looks like a pantry moth. Hopefully it didn’t escape and had a timely, painless death via laser because those things are huge PIA to get rid of. I deal with them on a constant basis :neutral_face:


I cant take credit for the yarn icon. Most of these early projects are not my images. I just snagged 'me to use for getting used to the machine, and have given away the results to those I know would like them. I’ve got my own imagery & designs I’ll start using on other stuff soon.