Glowforge burning where it's cutting

I have both pro and basic they have started burning where cutting and not cutting thru. It’s both so I don’t think something wrong with the machine. It engraves great.

When did you last clean the optics and the air assist fan?


I don’t believe there is something happening except with your machines. Perhaps the material you are using in both machines is the problem, or perhaps your optics and fans need attention.


No change here. We’re all using the same app and firmware, they update every time you turn on the machine.


The situation you describe is often a problem with air movement. Whenever you get a flame the power to the cut is reduced and thus will not cut through in that place. I would look behind the gantry and see how the fan you can see is going. If it is slowed only a little or if there is something interrupting the air flow then you will get more flames.

Often I have found that more speed and increased power runs away from the flaming while slowing may increase the flames making the cut less deep.


I cleaned it around five times in a week. I took off the hose on the back of each a vacuumed them out. I read that maybe I should degress them? I use them a lot

That sounds good I will do that. It makes sense. I hope it is it–thank you

You know I just thought I told my husband that it has more smokey lately. I bet you’re right. But I just went and bought a 3500 dollar new Mac, I thought maybe mine needed more space. then I just bought the sky link internet cause I thought maybe it Was not enough power. We live in the country not good internet. So this would be great

Once the machine is ready to print, your local device has nothing to do with things. It’s all processed thru the cloud and you could even unplug your router before pressing the button to start a print.

You can print from a phone on a spotty cellular connection just as well as from a $3500 laptop on gigabit broadband.


That’s great to know. I’ve wondered. I checked the fan under the head, someone told me to do and oh my gosh. I clean the machine a lot I worry to much but not that. It was awful, one looked like it melted other was just dirty. I cleaned it with air and alcohol. I’m them sit to make sure they are completely dry for the alcohol. I’m ordering a new part for the melted one, just in case I don’t want to ruin my machine. Holy Cow it was awful, I was ashamed. I thank you all for the help.

I was quite shocked at mine when first finding the issue and thought it was melted, but it was just waves of crud buildup. I put a vacuum cleaner hose at one end and thickened alcohol hand sanitizer in the other and it actually cleaned up.

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