Glowforge Camera not Taking a Picture

I have done all of the steps that were listed. Nothing is working. I have tested all 5 connections of the camera. I have changed the black cable and the white cable. Everything is plugged in perfectly fine. The camera isn’t taking pictures. Every topic on this that I’ve read has been closed without a solution. I’ve done what the website says to do. I’ve spent a small fortune on replacement parts. I need a new solution. Please help!

wow that is awful, ok, a few steps
lets check to make sure all the connections are good!

are the LED lights on?
does it say the cover is closed (led lights are bright)
can you take a picture of the error?



LED lights are on and bright. I’ve attached a picture of lights and the error. It’s stuck on centering.

OK, great, thanks for the pictures!

did you clean the lens, or the laser recently?
there may be a speck of dust or a paper towel fiber on one of the connections,
if you gently unlatch the 5 latches, blow some compressed air (or) contact cleaner (with glowforge unplugged, and let try a few hours before turning it back on)

that may solve the issue, its definitely one of the pins are not connected!
also make sure the cable is square, not on an angle (check all those again with the power off)

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