Glowforge caught fire 😫

Cutting PG acrylic with the thick acrylic settings and the glowforge caught fire.

Looking at it I think the camera and LEDs got destroyed but other than that it’s turning on (I think).

What can I do besides cry? I’ve seen this happen with acrylic and I caught the fire pretty quick but not sure what can be done.

Anyone with experience?

This is really just awful! I’m so sorry. Hang in there…I’m sure support will be with you as soon as they can. I’m sure the word fire will catch their attention.


First, you cry. I know I would. Then you wait for :glowforge: to chime in. This looks quite new so if it is and you were using :proofgrade: , and you say you were, they will take care of you. If it is out of warranty, then cry some more as that will be several hundred to get it back in service.


I’ve had it less than 6 months. :sob:


You are good to go then, you’ll just be without for a time while it gets sorted out but $$ wise you are good.


Okay, you’ll want to stop trying to turn it on. Unplug the machine and wait to hear from support.


Unfortunately, nothing you can do but wait for support, as others have mentioned.


I’m so sorry to hear about the damage to your Glowforge. We have already been working on this through email, so I’m going to close this thread.