Glowforge Caught on Fire

My Glowforge Pro caught on fire and used fire extinguisher. I have seen youtube videos how people fixed their glowforge after assessing the damage but I am uncomfortable fixing any visible damages and running the machine not knowing if there are any internal/electrical damage. Has anyone sent their GF for servicing?

I am sorry this happened to you. You will need to send photos to Glowforge support. If the only damage is to the carriage plate belt, you may be able to repair it yourself, but without pictures it will be hard for anyone to assess the extent of the damage.


Hi @richelle.ruiz - Iā€™m so sorry to hear that this happened to your Glowforge. As @dklgood mentioned, please do reach out to our Support team and they can determine the next steps. You can either email them at or go to to see the various ways you can call, email or live chat them. Thank you!


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