Glowforge Cleaning Recommendations?

I remember seeing some details on how to clean the GF, but I can’t seem to find them again? Can someone help a brother out?

I need to do a deep cleaning throughout, so any and all info will be helpful.

Thank you!


Available under the Support link at


There are several pages of official doctrine if you click “support” from the GFUI. Beyond that, you are kind of on your own. I vacuum, some people will use a dampened cloth. Just don’t get carried away with a spray bottle. this is electronics and will handle some smoke residue better than getting wet.

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I also recently cleaned the mirror inside the head - as I could see looking in that it had some build up on it.

To do that, set the printer head down and pull the top off (it’s magnetic). Then pull the mirror out by the tab. Clean. Put it back in like it came out, and put the cap back on the head.


I just did a clean on mine. The OCD in me REALLY wants the bottom of the tube clean. I was able to get the center part clean by carefully threading a Zeiss cloth thru until I could get it from the other side, then doing a back and forth/side to side wipe. I know it is overkill, but dang she is so pretty lit up. I take a pipe cleaner and do my best to carefully get around the braces, but if I could just take the tops of the braces off…no, I will live with a little smoke LOL.


You sound like me. Or, I sound like you.


Yah I did a cleaning today…the only thing is the exhaust fan which is the hardest part…would have been great if the made it slide in and out for easier cleaning. Tried pipe cleaners…paint brushes and and anything that can wipe away as much build up as i can .Wondering how long it will last not being able to wipe the blades?

Thanks for the link @jbmanning5, that’s right. I’m going to close this thread - if you have any other questions, go ahead and post a new topic.