Glowforge Closed my account and took my money?


I transferred my glowforge ownership to someone else so now it appears that Glowforge has closed my account and taken my $600 in store credit with it. Is this normal procedure?

I don’t own a glowforge machine any more but I still own multiple laser cutters and I was looking forward to cutting some proofgrade materials.


It might be. I seem to recall seeing something somewhere along the way that although the account can be transferred, the credits and extra warranty don’t transfer. (Dan might have mentioned it a couple of times, and I think the disclaimer when you got your refund used to say something about it as well.)

Sorry to hear that.


I didn’t get a refund and I didn’t transfer the account, I only transferred the laser cutter to someone else.
I should still be entitled to a founders discount and all my store credit because I did the waiting, I paid for the laser cutter and Glowforge messed me around for several years waiting for a laser.


Well, I might be wrong. You’ll need to hear directly from them because anything else is just guessing.

How is the KS progressing? Is that wrapping up pretty quick?



Absolutely correct, I can’t transfer ownership of my account so I should still have full access to my account and it’s rewards.


i would wonder if they would continue to give founder discounts after you sell the machine. but if you have store credit, you should still be able to use that, i would think.


Thanks for reaching out @m_raynsford. I’m sorry for the confusion on our end!

You should have received an email earlier today and have full access to your account. Please let us know there if you have any trouble.