Glowforge comes online then goes offline

will not stay online

Try using your phone as a wifi hotspot to eliminate your regular wifi as the issue.

There is a whole page on the support site covering this and the steps to take:


THat “may” be true and I understand there are many issues that Glowforge won’t have control over, but it seems a fairly glib “shrug of the shoulders” to me. I have spent two days trying to rectify a very similar problem. We changed routers and had to set up the wifi from scratch., using the same wifi name and provider. Everything else is back and functioning just fine EXCEPT the Glowforge. I keep getting the same response from the company though which amounts to repeating the same basic instructions I can find on the site without asking for assistance. I can see the GLowforge in the app listed as being offline. When I select it in the wifi menu on my mac, that action disconnects my wifi. I’ve reinstalled the Glowforge setup a half dozen times. No change. The Glowforge Pro was working fine a day before we changed the router, and as we can see it on the computer system and within the Glowforge App site (albeit as offline) it has to be a software issue.

Any experience or suggestions?

That pretty much proves the router change is causing the issue.

Have you tried using your phone hotspot feature as I suggested above?


Why would I want to use a hotspot when I have a perfectly good router. However, I was able to troubleshoot my own problem after posting this. It seems to me (now) an obvious solution that tech support should think of first. In essence it is what we used to call “end user error” when I did computer support for a living over 20 years ago. I was leaving out a step when I reinstalled and ran setup. You have to install the software for wifi and then add the Glowforge so it can be recognized by the wifi. Somehow that step was overlooked. Presto, all is happy again. I was reminded that support should always suspect and confirm (politely of course) all end user error scenarios. My bad, and I’m now a happy camper again.


It’s one way to try and isolate if it’s the Glowforge having problems or if the issue is external…like your wifi setup. It’s just a diagnostic step.


Got it. Thank you. The good news is that it was a step being left out of setup, not a signal problem.

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