Glowforge customer service improvement!

Hey everyone! I got the original Glowforge through the Kickstarter. It served me well for many years but then the camera issue popped up.

I changed the cable and I thought I was going to have to go through back and forth with Glowforge customer service about getting it to work or I’m just stuck with a 80 lb paper weight.

Turns out their customer service is pretty solid now! You do have to be a little bit patient but they have a system. What wound up happening is that I bought the new cable on my own, installed it and showed proof of the connectors being connected. After that they came back and communicated that there’s nothing more than I can do and I could get a replacement glowforge if I paid what I would assume is the base cost of one? So for 1200 bucks they gave me a label, I send back my paper weight and got a new machine. Keep in mind I kept my original box and packaging all these years. I will say that I did have to send a reminder to the service representative to make sure everything was moving forward. But otherwise, they’re very compliant and easy to work with. Just be patient and treat them nice!

When I tried to research the problem, there were a lot of forum posts about people’s disappointment or trouble that they had getting a hold of customer service. I’m hoping to add this thread so that when people do research they get some good news.


Nice to see some positive posts about customer service :grinning:


I, too, have had good experience with support, though I have not had to work with support for a couple of years (knock on wood). I always say that it’s the people who have issues that are out there speaking about things and that there are many others who are too busy working away with their machines to speak up. Especially on social media. Glad you have your issue resolved!


I have certainly had troubles with many buisnesses, but found Glowforge not among them. What I hear most frequently is that when an issue arises it could not possibly be their error or lack of knowledge but a poor design or programming on Glowforge’s part. Actually accessing support was slow for a while but has improved tremendously in the past year.


While I was a kickstarter founder OG I’ve made like two prints as time doesn’t permit me to use it and situations have changed, but I keep tabs on the community and I will say there wasn’t a single time I’ve contacted customer support that they haven’t come back and taken care of me. I literally pay for premium because even though I don’t use it, I can help at least keep one light in the house on.