Glowforge delay and referral bonus

I know that referral program’s credit is supposed to be given when all of your referred orders get shipped and then yours gets shipped, but in light of the delays is it possible we can get the referral money back as we are just about at the promised ship date.

I know the people I have referred still have a chance to cancel, but seeing as how the amount I’ve put down on the glowforge is significantly more than the referral bonus couldnt any cancellations just apply their charge back on my order and then give us a chance to pay that difference before we get our shipment?

I’m a student, double majoring, working several jobs, and this money could really help out my situation right now. I would hate to have to cancel my preorder just to make ends meet.

I’m not happy about the shipment delays, but honestly it’s what I’ve come to expect with crowdfunding. The delays on the referral bonus is what’s hard for me to swallow.

I can see how this would be very difficult for you but I doubt it will change. Leave it to @dan or @bailey to prove me wrong.

It would open the door to individuals getting the referral money and then asking for a refund. It presents a lot of logistical questions that they really should not be asking. I personally would rather they focus on the build and get the Glowforge delivered.

I can understand hitting hard times and have gone through some recently as well. But I think this idea would hinder the Glowforge company more than it would help you.

Sorry, just my thoughts.


I gotta agree with that…

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@soldiercoleman @nunzioc if they asked for referral money it cant exceed what they paid. If they ask for a refund it would be less the amount they got for referral. There is no issue with any of that.

I’m still insanely excited about the product. I evangelized for them pretty well and got more than 10 referrals. I canvased with flyers and went on social media for them. I just feel like I either might have to try and sell my order spot in line or worse yet maybe ask for a refund when I worked so hard for those referrals and put so much away for so long into their system.

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WOW! In that case, I’d vote that you’re due something…but I’m a nobody :pensive:

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What if they pay you and then one of your referrals ask for a refund? Wouldn’t they now have to request that $100 back from you?

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He did address it here, but that’s definitely the reason it seems to me like it would be too complicated and would be taking resources away from making the product to figure out logistics for this.

I can appreciate how much it sucks to be out the money and be waiting. Any chance you got the Pro @sirus20x6? If you did, you could potentially downgrade now without losing your place in line, then re-upgrade closer to time so you could get some cash back now.


Ah, that’s what I get for speed reading.

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@soldercoleman they would request that $100 back from me before shipping and if I didnt pay it they wouldnt ship. plus more than 1 referral would have to cancel for me to be under my 10 referral maximum :slight_smile:

@andistarnes no i got the basic with airfilter

You could downgrade to the basic with no filter. That should give you some money back without having to cancel. And you could add it back on before it ships if you want it.