Glowforge detecting a damaged area

I’ve been successfully printing a few squares but now all of a sudden it is giving me an error that the areas on my material may be damaged when clearly it is not. It literally did it right after I had previously made a perfect one. Does anyone have this same issue or any suggestions on how to fix this?

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It’s a warning that you’re putting a lot of power into a single area - just click “continue” if you think you’re good.


Maybe it’s picking up that darker spot and what looks like a little knot or something, as well as the previously cut/engraved area. It does allow you to go ahead and continue the print, so you might do that. But I would be sure to keep a close eye on it. Good luck!

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Printscan” is solely looking at the art, material selected, and settings, not the particular piece of wood - but noticing those things is smart as knots especially can truly mess with the final product!


Cut faster with more than one pass? Idk. I’m new to this! Lol

it looks like that’s an engrave set up at 200 speed and 80 power. that’s going to burn very deeply. and probably is going to be a huge mess. if it’s 1/8" material, it might engrave most of the way through.

for reference, proofgrade SD engrave is 585 at 70 power (or, in the original settings, 1000 speed at full power).


Hi @lr1 - As others have said, this is likely related to the custom settings you have there on the left hand side of your screen not being ideal for the material you have selected.

I see you’ve also emailed us about this topic as well, and I’ve sent along some follow up steps to test and see if this error still shows up with standard settings. Please keep an eye out for that email as I’m going to close this topic so we can keep all our communications to a single location.

Please let me know via that email if you have any questions!

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