Glowforge does not cut through right side of draft board

Hey there! I have run into an issue in which my Glowforge does not cut all the way through as the laser moves to the right of the machine. I’ve sure my machine/tray are leveled, cleaned the machine thoroughly, and made sure my project file has consistent cuts throughout with the but I keep running into the same issue.

A wheel in my machine is broken (picture included in post), but it still runs fine. I plan on replacing this piece anyway, but I thought I’d mention this in case this is the issue. My tests have been on draft boards. I included a picture of the back of the board as well.

Any input helps. Thank you!!

The issue is the optics and optics alignment. The right side of the bed is furthest from the focus point for the laser. If the windows inside the left side of the machine and on the left side of the printhead are clean as well as the mirror and lens, then Glowforge support needs to see pictures of your cuts.


Well, I wouldn’t run it at all with that broken wheel. Besides, with that broken wheel, the printhead is now severely out of line, and I bet the mirror on the left side of the print head is so far out of alignment that the laser isn’t even hitting it or is barely hitting it, especially the further to the right it is.


Replacement part here.
Front Carriage Plate V-Wheel | Glowforge

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We are having the same issue this evening! Yesterday we could cut ANY material we wanted to. Tonight just by chance we have had troubles cutting through Proofgrade all the way. Doesn’t matter where the material is on the bed.

No wheels broken, husband cleaned the machine tonight (we can’t cleanly cut through anything, Proofgrade or any brand). Approximately same temperatures outside; humidity is 45/yesterday 42. We vent outside through a custom cut hole in double paned window taped well.

NOTE: Glowforge Status has no indications of any issues reported.

Thank you for the link! Ordering. I hope that is the issue. I didn’t expect it to run so smooth with the piece cracked like that but it does and its only the total cut on the one side. Measurements and aspect ratios are still spot on, just laser depth.

We will see what happens when it arrives!

Thank you. We did clean everything but will try again. Also ordered a replacement part for the cracked piece. Will report back once we clean again and install the part.

any progress / success?

Unfortunately no. My husband looked at all the mirrors and camera and the focus points are all clean. We have been down a couple of days now, and now I will be away for 10 days. I was really hoping to get these projects made for a super elevated (belated) mother’s day surprise. It will have to be next trip because I don’t trust this one project will make it safely by mail.

I will be back on to more aggressively pursue it when I get back. Thanks.

We went on vacation and just got back late last night. Husband just got up a couple of hours ago (I have been thinking about the Glowforge every day we were gone). He just found that there was some buildup on one of the lenses that he didn’t notice last time. He scrubbed it really good. He says his test was successful!

I’m going to go put the GF to work when I finish my lunch. I have a baby gift I need to create and get cutting on; I showed my friend what some people are making for baby pics (1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, etc.) which are little signs. She likes it a lot so I’m going to get that made for her. Family’s main language is Spanish (and I believe they are all bi-lingual) but I offered to make them in Spanish for her. Excited about this project, and I have a little something up my sleeve I’m thinking about…but I better get busy with it! Just need to check my wood stash to make sure I have enough.


Have fun! Our replacement part did the trick. Looks like we’re both full speed ahead! Enjoy.

Received the piece and we are back in business! Thank you for the link and thank goodness it was a cost effective solution!


Well that is good to hear.

I had trouble a while back with the camera focusing. Duh, once I cleaned the lid lenses, it was amazing how much quicker it got busy. LOL

the simple stuff… always great to have a fix and be ready to ZAP.

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