Glowforge doesnt cut but printer head moves

when i press the blue button the exhaust fan starts up the print head indexes to the first spot and starts to move. however it does not actually engrave the material, after a second the exhaust fan will cycle, and when the head starts moving again the light and red laser come on. when i pause/cancel the print the orange light on the button comes on. i have cleaned all mirrors, cleaned air assist fan and exhaust fan, check ribbon connector (no bent pins).

Sounds like a failed power supply or tube. You should send this info to support using the Contact Us form on the support page.

already done

if the button is blue, its in ‘diagnostic mode’ it should be ‘white’


which machine is this, and how old?


sorry i meant the button is white when i start a cut, its a plus and its about 1.5-2 years old with light use.

ok, yes, I would check the white ribbon cable carefully (connected to the laser head) for any nicks or burns, (unplugged with power off) if the cord is damaged, you can buy a replacement part on etsy for $50


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