Glowforge down, how to get support?

Hey everyone,
So as I posted a couple days ago my glowforge plus is down.
I’m getting the “camera can’t take a photo” error so the glowforge won’t move.
I’m under the 1 year warranty time put cannot seem to get any response from glowforge themselves, just the excellent community.
Is there a better way to get in direct contact with them? Orders are building up and cannot go through with deliveries.

The “contact us here” link on the official support page is the only way to reach them. Can take several business days.

Support does not engage thru these discussion forums.


It will take some time to get warranty support for your machine. Even if they respond right away, you are likely to either wait for parts to be delivered, or be shipping your whole machine back for repair/replacement. Either way, you may not be making anything with that laser for days or weeks. So while you wait, either stop taking orders, or find another way to fill them. Find a maker space or a Joann store that rents Glowforge by the hour to make stuff. Or go on one of the big Facebook Glowforge groups and find local owners who are willing to cut parts for you.


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