Glowforge EYE melted off!

Good evening,

While using the glowforge with approved materials on a project that was to take 2 hours (considerably shorter than other projects) a fire started and the eye/camera/lense on the top glass of the Glowforge actually fell off! :o:

Has anyone had issues with fires on the Glowforge and did you find any support when contacting Glowforge if there were any damages to the device?



how old is your GF

Is that paper taped to the top of the glass? You need to be able to see inside, to see if a fire starts.

2 years

No, nothing taped to it, its completely clear, thats the paper curtain you’re seeing as I took the picture with the lid up.

Got it, thanks :slight_smile:

Daisy … daisy … tell … me… your… answer …

that was some fire! - what else is damaged, (check all belts / cables)
which machine is it?



The support you’ll get if you contact the company is help identifying the extent of the damage, and an estimate for repairing the machine. They’ll be happy to help get you back up and running no matter the circumstances – even a fire – if you’re willing to pay for it, since you’re out of warranty. I had a small fire in one of my Glowforges and they were able to sell me the parts I needed to fix it.

If the repair quote is more than you’re willing to pay, there’s an eBay seller that sells the whole lid assembly for a DIY fix.


This is EXACTLY the one I found! Thanks so much!!!

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