Glowforge failing to start up or calibrate


So I spent many hours tonight preparing a file. Turned my machine on, and it started to calibrate… got to the point where the head goes to the center, then moves to the left side… and just sat there. Normally it would go to the back left corner after that. I waited quite a while, then turned it off, moved the head under the camera, and turned it on. Now it’s just sitting there. Lights on, fan running, nobody’s home. App says Offline. Did it dead? I would be incredibly sad. Please help.


One more power cycle… it seems like it’s calibrating now. Whew! I’ll update in a minute if it works.


Ok, whatever that was, it required a second power cycle to fix. It has now completed calibration.

This will be closed of course, but I humbly request you to pull the logs and file an internal bug even though I got it working.


My guess? There may have been a firmware update pushed.
They’ve been tweaking the dithering options, so perhaps you’ve received the update.




No firmware update - what you described is what happens if the Glowforge unit can’t contact our server. I’m sorry for the hiccup and glad it resolved itself!