Glowforge Filter Cartridge is SOLD OUT

Hi everyone. Can someone recommend where to buy Glowforge Filter Cartridge or some alternative? I found few other shops online who sell the same filter, even they don’t have it in stock. I cut plastic sheets and fumes are toxic, definitely need a good filter.

I found few other Fume Extractors. Has anyone used them or what kind of Air Purifiers do you use besides GF?

Thank you!

Filters have a very limited market so they are not common items to buy.

If you are absolutely locked-in to having to use one vs. venting outdoors, I suggest you buy more than one in the future. They are awfully expensive, though, as I am sure you know.


I bought this in the early days before they had the Glowforge filter but now vent outside…

and aside from a 12" intake that needs to step down it will even clear a room


If at all possible invest in this instead.


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yeah I usually buy 2 but this time didn’t want to spend extra money :frowning:


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