GLOWFORGE for sale or trade - basic - $1900 + shipping (to anywhere)

I have a BASIC model, used less than 50 times.
I plan to put it up on eBay soon, figure I would post here first.
$1,900 + shipping, anywhere (firm)

I need the PRO model with a pass-through slot.
Ideally, I would like to “trade up” to a PRO…
Alas… Glowforge does not have any interest in taking their own products back (I feel strongly every company should take responsibility for the things they birth into the world and have a buy back program, especially on something like this, but that’s a rant for another time)

Mostly happy with my GF - enough so that I now want a PRO model.
The basic model has no damage, and no problems (other than the things we all know about like the camera alignment and the limitations of the engraving area, ect…)

Reply here if interested.
Ships from Pittsburgh PA - (willing to drive up to 100 for a delivery)

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Where are you? Shipping will be somewhat dependent on relative location.

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I am in Pittsburgh PA.
I would be willing to drive up to lets say 100 miles or so…
(which I feel is a good idea, because I was indeed worried about getting this in the mail)

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So you could probably make glowforge take it back. but it wouldn’t be a trade up and might be at cost to you. I’m not a lawyer but you can form your own opinion here:

I think a trade in/up program would be nice. But I think GF is still trygin to ramp up and meet all the worldwide orders it can.

Some people don’t actually need a pass through slot, just a pass in… If your planned use doesn’t require the full pass-through, a bit of forum searching will reveal an alternative…

Note the accompanying warnings and take them seriously!