Glowforge going through motions but no laser

I will start by saying that I have reached out to GF about this issue and I have received an “Auto response” with steps to troubleshoot my issue. I have taken every step but my machine is still not working properly.

My issue:
Last week I sent a file to the GF machine and everything was cutting fine and about 3/4 through the cut the laser stopped cutting and the machine continued to go through the motions as if it was still cutting. I let it finish, opened the lid, put a new piece of material in, closed the lid and tried again. Again, the machine went through the motions with no laser from the start.

I know that GF is still a fairly new company and their customer service/tech dept is limited in their resources but the only response from GF I received via email was almost a week ago and I am concerned that it might have gotten lost in the shuffle.

I depend on the machine as do most of you in this community. Im just at a standstill at this point and would love to get back up and running as soon as possible.

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If it quit mid-print, it’s almost certainly a power supply or laser tube issue and will have to be sent in for repair/replacement.

Support will take a while to respond to your emails, as they don’t have a warehouse full of machines waiting to be shipped out. They will need to get an estimate of when a machine will be available from the outsourcer that assembles/refurbishes them. Could be a couple of weeks or more, hopefully less.


Double checking that you responded to the auto-response letting them know this, and including any picture or information that they requested?

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