Glowforge Haiku



We have lots of creative people here! Does anybody want to play along?

Press the print button,
wait with anticipation,
Glowforge is working.


Wow that’s deep. Glowforge is Woking

I’m hoping that the reference is something to do with the Deeper Meaning of Liff entry and not a typo.

However, to stop being facetious and join in…

Blank computer screen
Laser possibilities
Real innovation


Ha ha, Thanks @glen, glad you caught that for me! Boring nights at work, me a little inattentive at times.

Perhaps if I’d said the Glowforge is “grokking”


Asking for answers,
getting only wild guesses
…team is too busy


Lots of acrylic
Longing to be something more
Yearning for Glowforge.

@dan, whatcha think of that?


A bright laser beam
the smell of freshly cut wood
ah, it is perfect.


the days get longer
my Glowforge is not ready
oh well back to work


Magic Glowing Box
Fills with Smoke and Fumes and Fire
To Make Pretty Things


All the days that pass
Make waiting just that much less


eagerly waiting
the day can’t come soon enough
need my Glowforge now.


cedar drying out
stripped white of bark
the wood waits


Ordered a GF.
Bought a Table.
Waiting for deliveries.


Accept the unknowable
It comes when it comes


each photon so small
line them up and make them go
burn hot little sun


This is my new favorite thread.

Final tubes installed in place
What to laser next
It’s Thursday… Titanium?


Laser? a laser?
Yeah, its a freakin’ laser!
and its my precious!


So many designs lined up
in my head. I am patiently


These are really good.
Haikus are pretty awesome.
Lasers are good, too.


Uploaded the art,
then I loaded the hopper…
Oops. That didn’t work.


Good one @dan_berry! I’m sure I’ll be doing that a lot at first.

Its laserable?
Let’s put it in the Glowforge!
Oops, overcooked it…